Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cute kids sing aong

This year Lisa (the lady that has watched Lucy since she was a baby)
had all the kid practice singing and invited all the parents to come over.
The kids exchange gifts every year and this year we made a big deal of it,
which made it so much more fun to see the kids faces.
Check out those antlers
Claire, Mike, Alana, Marco and Lucy

Love that girl of mine.
(Note: Marco is Lucy's boyfriend, wouldn't they have the cutest kids)

Bagley Christmas Party

Our little family with Santa

Santa brought Lucy real Jessie cowgirl boots!!!
Santa and his elf...Ho Ho Ho!
Lucy loves Santa almost as much as her Great Grandma and Grandpa
Showing off the new boots.

O' Christmas Tree

This was the first year Chris and I had a real tree. We decided to buy one at Home Depot that you can plant in your yard once you are done with it, so it was really little.

Here is Lucy reading the tree a book after it's crazy ride home.
Here's how we got it home.....
Perfect size for Lucy to decorate
A little help from Daddy to get the star on
Our tree was re-decorated almost everyday
by Lucy

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stella Jean Noonan

Kevin, Erika and Cole welcomed
Stella Jean to the family
I think she just realized what she is in for....
Lucy and Cole LOVE each other
Classic Noonan CHEESE!

Cousin Time

Lucy, Ashton and Macade enjoying the movie in the lobby

Ya, this is really what every family looks like trying to get a good picture
Lucy, Chip, Dale and Ashton
"When your the Best of Friends"

Kemrie, Lucy and Claire loving the Ladybug ride

Dancing Queen

Here are a few pictures of Lucy

And her dad taught her some of the Break Dancing moves from his high school days.........


Dancing Queen Cont.

You only have to watch the video at about 40 seconds to see our version of Elaine Benes
We should have named her Lucy-no-rhythm, it looks even worse next to Kemrie, who is a really good dancer.